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Our New Logo.JPG Introducing Kingsley’s Catering:

Kingsley’s are specialists in Canberra Catering and are proud to announce its new range of delicious grilled fillets, freshly made wraps and torps, which you can serve whole or sliced.

PLEASE NOTE: 24 hours notice is required for all Catering orders.

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Gluten Free Fillets

gluten free fillets.jpg

Delicous Gluten Free, Grilled fillets in Cajun or Lemon Pepper flavours.
Perfect with dipping sauces.



Pulled Chicken Torps: Grilled Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Tandoori and Roast Chicken pieces with fresh lettuce, tomato slices and cheese.

Breast Fillet Torps: Sliced Lemon Pepper, Tandoori and Cajun. (cold only)

Served on a crusty fresh torpedo roll.



Serve whole as a meal or sliced for a cold platter

Pulled Chicken Wraps: Roast Chicken, Lemon Pepper, Tandoori and Cajun pieces with fresh lettuce, tomato slices and cheese. breast fillet. Served in a tortilla wrap with salad. (cold only)

Breast Fillet Wraps: Sliced Cajun, Lemon Pepper and Tandoori. (cold only)

Breast Chicken Nuggets


Tasty finger food

Chicken Chippies


Excellent finger food

Chicken Schnitzel


A fullsized meal or serve sliced as finger food. Schnitzels cooked till golden brown, crisp on the outside but tender and moist on the inside

Chicken Croquettes


Serve as finger food.

A traditional Dutch recipe. We suggest 1 chickencroquette per person, or serve as finger food, but handle with care.

Southern Fry Breast Fillets


Serve whole or slice to serve as finger food. Tender breast fillets coated with Kingsley’s southern fry coating.

Grilled Fillets


Mouth watering Grilled Fillets in Tandoori, Lemon Pepper and Cajun flavours.

Awesome Family Chips*


13mm Crinkle cuit chips which, being thicker, hold less oil than shoestring chips. Our customers claim our chips are the best in Canberra, if not the world! Yumm!! If you need to reheat the chips in a microwave, place on a plate, and cover with kitchen towel to absorb the moisture . A family pack should feed a grou pf 1 man, 1 woman and 2 small children.

Roast Chicken (Hot or Cold - bone in)


Freshly roasted whole chickens cooked to perfection with a light seasoning to given the chickens a delightful taste. Stuffed with Kingsley’s Special Recipe seasoning and available whole or cut in 4. For planing purposes – 1 chicken per 3 persons if it is the only meat, or 1 chicken per 5 persons if serving with other meats.

Southern Fry (bone in)


For planning purposes – 3 pieces per person or 1.5 pieces per person if served with other meats.

Garlic and Herb Bread

Herb Bread x 1.jpg

8-inch crusty roll with tasty herb and garlic spread.



We offer a selection of two salads:

    1. Sweetslaw – coleslaw with a slightly sweet and tangy flavour
    2. Pasta salad – elbow pasta folded into a creamy dressing with carrot, onion and cheese

For planning purposes, 200gms of salad per person. Cold salads are perfect for a hot summer day, and these are a great healthy accompaniment.

Large Gravy


Gravy is a hot tasty accompaniment to our Roast Chicken and/or our awesome chips. For planning puroses, one large gravy for 3 people.

Important Food Safety Notice:

The shorter the interval between time of purchase and tme of consumption, the better the quality of the food. If you do not have the facility to keep the food hot, we recommend cold chicken.

Please keep all cold foods in a refrigerator, and do not refrigerate leftovers if the food has been stored at ambient termperature for an extended period of time, especially in summer.

Some handy tips to keep in mind when you are organising a function:

  1. A group of men tend to want slightly more, on average, than the top end of our recommended quantity.
  2. A group of women or children tend to want slightly less than the bottom end of our recommended quantity.
  3. Our recommendations are based on a balanced mix of men, women and children.
  4. If you do not want to run the risk of running out of food, you may consider adding 10% to our recommended quantities.

Payment details

  1. We take cash and all Credit Cards except American Express.
  2. We accept cheque, however these must be made out to cash, paid at the time of placing the order and cleared by the bank before pickup.


  1. Sorry no delivery. Pick up only.
  2. Minimum Catering Order $60.